A Man’s Guide to wearing jewelry


Advice is, however, to hold on wristwatch ili or old elegant pocket watch

Too much jewelry for men? Yes, if you go to the ball. But like any jewelry, bracelets can be a part of a stylish man’s wardrobe. Advice is, however, to hold on wristwatch ili or old elegant pocket watch.

Opt for jewelry in fine materials. Choose cufflinks, dress buttons, and lapel pins in precious metals or fine jewels, such as mother of pearl. This will ensure your accessories match the formality of the ball.
Don a boutonniere. Choose a fresh flower boutonniere with your dark suit, tuxedo, or tailcoat whenever possible. If you opt for a non-floral boutonniere, choose a natural or jeweled alternative to match the formality of the event, such as a silk ribbon with a feather or a small bundle of herbs.


Avoid fake flower boutonnieres, which may come across as comical or cheap.

The Tie
Choose a dark suit with a complementary tie. Opt for a navy, black, or dark gray suit for balls that are not black or white tie. Some military balls, in particular, ask that civilians dress and suit rather than tuxedos or tails.
Pair your dark suit with a regular necktie or a bowtie. Bowties may come off as slightly more formal. Choose a tie in formal material, such as silk or satin. Avoid novelty prints and opt for classics.

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Opt for a tuxedo with a bow tie and cummerbund for a black tie event. Wear a black tuxedo or white dinner jacket and tuxedo pants to a black tie ball. Choose a tuxedo with either a peaked lapel or shawl collar for a polished formal look. Peaked lapels are considered the most formal and traditional lapel style.

Tuxedos are typically worn with a black or dark-colored bowtie, a cummerbund, and pocket square. Opt for suiting accessories in dark colors or subtle prints in fine fabrics, such as sil.

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