Beijing: It’s more than just a dance


Few parties can match Beijing’s Viennese Ball for grandeur

Guests like Austrian ambassador to China Friedrich Stift, performances from the Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna, and reality TV star Allen Wu as host have made the event the most talked-about on the April’s April social calendar.

Dapperly visitors and the venue at the Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center, a luxury hotel in downtown Beijing, had make the 13th a night of waltz, high fashion and haute cuisine.

It features big ball gowns, a Viennese orchestra, operettas, a four-course gala meal, a debutante committee, wine gardens and coffee houses. It has everything you like about a classic ball.

But, it’s more than just a dance: the ball is a window to the Viennese social traditions, classical music, and the Austrian culture.
While recommending three must-see Austrian cities for first-time visitors, Ambassador Stift gave a surprising answer. While well-known cities like capital Vienna with its iconic concert hall, Musikverein, and Salzburg, once home to Mozart, that does not tell the full story.

In cooperation with He Feng Foundation, all proceeds from the charity raffle tickets will go towards financing art and musical programs in rural areas of China.

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Source: ES Magazine
Photo:, Pixabay