They have been waiting for this almost a lifetime

Debutants are part of the opening ceremony of every ball

Almost 150 young couples come to the podium to dance during the opening ceremony of Opernball. Many of them have been waiting for almost a lifetime – because the participation of each young individual in this dance represents a moment of growing up, entering society and becoming an equal member of society.

Debutants, ages from 17 to 24 from Austria and abroad, who know how to dance the waltz, are selected at a special audition. Children from sophisticated and rich families often participate. The fact that they have been practicing for weeks even though the scene lasts only a few minutes “speaks” about how important that moment is.

Each pair is dressed identically – girls wear formal ball gowns, young men – tailcoats. The girls hold tiaras specially designed for that day by world-renowned designers, made of luxury crystals. Each one holds a rose that has a special symbolism.

The moment the music starts, the ceremonial master gives a sign for them to take their first steps. To the sound of the music, 150 couples begin to dance “as one”, which provides an enchanting scene, leaving no one indifferent. The traditional dance of the debutants is the mandatory ceremonial part of the opening of every ball held in Vienna.


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