Diversity Ball: Modern cultural party


They invite you to come with your most beautiful masks

The Diversity Ball takes place annually in Vienna and is the only one of its kind in the world. The aim is to create a cosmopolitan culture of diversity in which we allow each other to be as we are. In a lavish ball night together we want to set a sign again for the colorfulness of our society, for tolerance, accessibility and mutual respect.


On May 4, 2019, they transform the Kursalon Wien into a fairy-tale place of lived diversity where the combination of classical Viennese ball tradition and modern party culture becomes a lavish celebration of lived joie de vivre.

Their motto is “MASKERADE” and they invite you to come with your most beautiful masks and then, at midnight, to show how you are behind the mask: extraordinary and diverse.

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Source: ES Magazine
Photo: beckibal.rs, Pixabay