White Tie is the most official of all 


The words “White Tie” on your invitation will be the most irrefutable sign it’s a white tie event, but you may be deceived by some other phrases, such as “full evening dress”, “tails” or “dress suit”, which indicate the same

Here is the list of some White Tie events – Charity Balls, Royal Events, Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, State Dinners, Debutante Balls, Academy Awards Ceremony, although now dress requirements are less formal for the Oscars.

Rules for ladys:

  • Gown – Ankle length or to the floor
  • Shoes – To match your gown
  • Jewelry – Vintage or Couture. All your fancy and expensive diamonds are the perfect choice!
  • Bag – Clutch
  • Shoes – That Match your gown
  • Watch – No. The only watch you can wear is one which is hidden in the bracelet and that is why looks like jewelry.
  • Gloves – White or coordinated to gown. Opera length.
Youtube/Etiquette Shances

Rules for men:

For men there are two key words when dressing up for White Tie event, one is white:

  • Vest – White
  • Shirt – White piqué wing-collared with stiff front
  • Bow Tie – White
  • Gloves – White or gray
  • Studs – White
  • Cufflinks – White

And the other key word is black:
Tailcoat, matching trousers with a single stripe of satin or braid in the US; two stripes in Europe or the UK, and patent shoes and dress socks.

Youtube/Gentleman’s Gazette

Source: etiquette-tips.com
Photo: beckibal.rs