Kyiv: Great interest among guests

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The Children’s Viennese Ball, a real analog of the Adult Viennese Ball

In Kyiv an annual high class helded the Charity Viennese Ball. That was dedicated to achievements of the Ukrainian people, who are epitome for everyone.

The Ball was held in the Hall of Columns of the Kyiv City State Administration according to all European standards, with the participation of international guests, athletes and stars.
In addition, on 14 April held too the Children’s Viennese Ball, a real analog of the Adult Viennese Ball. It was successfully tested, for the first time, in 2017 in Kyiv and caused great interest among participants, guests and the international community.

Furthermore, in May 2019 the more democratic format for all Kyiv’s citizens was held – Kyiv Ball. It will take place on Kontraktova Square, with its fantastic program, live classical music and wonderful soloists. That was many master classes, prize lotteries with the participation of eminent athletes, charity lots from well-known personalities and, what is more, vivid manifestations of Ukrainian European traditions in gastronomy, design, etc.

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Such great world events are always devoted to major topical issues. Usually during such events people collect money at the charity auctions.
The dress code of the Ball is rather strict and conservative. It also emphasizes the status and sets the style. For ladies it mean an evening gown and for gentlemen it a tailcoat, tuxedo or a ceremonial full dress.

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