Meet the most elite dance school


Elmayer is synonymous with typical sophisticated Viennese lifestyle and education

Austrian artists are one of the main guests of the Viennese balls in the world. Many of them originate from the Elmayer Dance School, which is the most prestigious dance school in Austria, and one of the most prestigious in the world.

Elmayer is part of Vienna. But the doors of this famous institution are also open to guests who come to Vienna from all over the world. They can experience the Viennese Waltz at the only traditional dance school in this city of music and culture.


The Dancing School Elmayer was founded by the former cavalery officer of the Austrian Imperial Army Willy Elmayer von Vestenbrugg in 1919. Since 1987 it is led in third generation of the family by the present owner Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer – his grandson.

Ever since its foundation the dancing school was situated in the rooms of the former horse stables in the Pallavicini Palace next to the stables of the Spanish Riding School – home of the famous white stallions – in the very old centre of Vienna.

During the „Golden Twenties“, school rapidly convinced the Viennese of the outstanding quality and cultural value of his unique program that today remains the basis of the success of this extraordinary institution. Unperturbed by short lived trends and fashions Elmayer is combining tuition in manners and dancing based on the traditional Austrian imperial system.


Elmayer is synonymous with typical sophisticated Viennese lifestyle and education. As such the “Elmayer philosophy” is unique even in Vienna and in the world today.

For the youth in and around Vienna this school offers at least three years of tuition. The program of this first year for Vienna’s youth not only contains tuition in all the social dances of the international world dance program but also role play and other schooling in manners.

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