Moscow: The guests set a new record


This time the Viennese Ball was dedicated to the Year of Theater in Russia

Alles Walzer– gave the command of the ball, and hundreds of guests began to dance. Waltz and polkas… the famous Viennese Ball in Moscow lasted until the morning.

It seemed that everyone was worried. The organizers – that the toilets of the guests strictly conform to the dress code, so that Gostiny Dvor, decorated for the ball, amazed with splendor, that the tables would be full of dishes. Debutantes – so that the shoes are not rubbed, the partner does not fail, that the movements are not confused or forgotten.
Every year about two thousand guests come from different countries – politicians, diplomats, businessmen …

This time the Viennese Ball was dedicated to the Year of Theater in Russia. This explains the presence in the hall of a large number of artists. For example, Lyubov Tolkalina became co-host of the president of the Russian Dance Union Stanislav Popov.

For several months he worked with debutants, teaching them the tricks. And for many young people, classical dances were still strange. But how they wanted to learn. In white dresses, almost weightless, they resembled angels.

The preparations for this evening each took several months.
After the traditional Russian midnight quadrille, it was time for tango and foxtrot, cha-cha-cha and rumba. And this year the guests of the ball set a new record – they danced the midnight quadrille eight times in a row.

It seemed that time had stopped and did not want to return to reality.

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