Skopje: Sounds of polonaise and evergreens


Andrew Cook was the exclusive guest dancer from the dance school Elmayer from Austria

The 20th anniversary of the opening of the Viennese Ball in Skopje began according to the tradition of the Viennese Balls, with the sounds of Strauss’s Polonaise.

The dancers of the dance club Prima Danca and members of the Johann Strauss orchestra under the baton of Biser Chadlovska performed. Jazz Big Band of the association of jazz musicians and free artists: Art Band, John Ilija Apelgren, Dejan Bobic Dekso, Lina Avsar. Soloists of the Ballet at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet Sasha Eftimova and Andrew Cook, as the exclusive guest dancers from the dance school Elmayer from Austria.

He danced on the waltzes, but also on the world’s evergreens and the Macedonian hit refrain. Usually attended by public figures, politicians representing the diplomatic corps.

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The Austrian Embassy was the patron of the event. This year guests were also Prime Minister Zaev and his wife Zorica. They expressed their respect for the Viennese culture and tradition recently at the invitation of the Austrian Chancellor Kurz, who attended the traditional opera ball in Vienna.
The Vienna Ball in Skopje is in the service of humanity. This year, part of the tickets sold and volunteer lottery funds are intended for the Association of Persons with Paraplegia and Quadriplegia “No Limitations”.

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