The Waltz – one of the oldest ballroom dances

Since 2017, the Viennese Waltz is Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. His name comes from “rolling – turning”

Interesting facts:

  • The name comes from “rolling – turning”.
  • The traditional waltz ensemble is made of two violins and a bass.
  • The waltz is performed in a three fourth beat and danced with full body contact.
  • Viennese loved it when it was introduced in Vienna in the late 18th/19th century.
  • The most prominent event that introduced this new dance and sent shock waves across Europe was the Congress of Vienna in 1814/15.
  • Austrian composer Johann Strauss jun. is the original King of Waltz.
  • Viennese waltz dancing is all about rhythm and flow.
Youtube/BBC Strictly Come Dancing

  • The basic steps are easy once you have received a proper introduction.
  • Originally it was danced quickly and developed in the middle of the 19th century in its current “floating” form.

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