White gloves are a symbol of daintiness


Your white gloves need to complete your dress

Wearing gloves is a symbol of past times. The length of the gloves depended on the event and the time of the day. Today, in a time of relaxed social norms, in the selection of gloves, the color and style of the dress you wear is crucial. Your white gloves need to complete your dress. Make a decorated dress with simple gloves.

On the contrary, with a simple dress you can experiment with gloves. And remember, the goal is to complete, not overstate.

The traditional color of the gloves is white, and the texture of the gloves should be similar to the texture of the dress. Silk gloves fit perfectly with a silk dress. Other materials, such as leather, satin or lace, are also permitted, depending on the style of the dress. Formal events, especially balls, are unimaginable without white gloves. Here is what you need to know when wearing white gloves:

  • Gloves should be kept on when shaking hands, as you dancing, or presenting your hand to be kissed, but not when dining.

  • When you sit down to dinner, you should take off your gloves, fold them in half, and put them under the napkin on your lap. When dinner is over, you can put them back on the table.

  • To remove your gloves, first push down the armpiece to your hand, then remove the glove by pulling on the hand portion. It puts gloves on, first work in the hand from the wrist, then gradually smooth the glove up the arm, rather than pulling from the top.

  • The basic rule for the length of all gloves is as follows: The shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove.

  • White, ivory, beige, and taupe are the traditional colors for white glove.

  • It is permissible to wear rings or an important bracelet over a glove.
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