Zurich: Every guest is welcome and appreciated


One hundred year old Austrian club Zurich (OEV) started on the 19th of January 2019 with “Alles Walzer” and fine delicacies into the jubilee year

Traditionally, the Austrian Ball always takes place in January. Then it was sparkle in the congress hall of the Hotel Mövenpick. The cavaliers are festively dressed, the ladies in rushing ball gowns… Yes, the Austrians know how to enjoy life. This year the ball appeared a bit more glamorous.
“We are 99 years old and celebrate a year, until our 100th birthday in 2020,” said Monika Löscher, President of the Association.

The ladies donation, in the form of a practical pocket mirror, this year came from the “Ball Capital” Vienna.


“With the Vienna Balls abroad, the city wants to convey the Viennese ball tradition in the spirit of friendly relations”. The ladies and gentlemen of the Swing & Dance Club Feldkirch opened the ball. “South wind” provided for dance music and mood.

The buffet tempted delicacies from Tafelspitz to Sachertorte. In the glasses sparkled Austrian wine. After all, you do not get 99 every year.
At the Austrian Ball every guest is a guest of honor and therefore most welcome and appreciated.

However, some guests particularly welcomed Monika Löscher in her opening remarks.

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